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Population Pyramid

Track the changes in the population of Milton Keynes from 2001 to 2026 with this interactive population pyramid.

Data in the population pyramid is taken from the Population Bulletin 2013/14 published on the 28/11/13.

display link:http://mapping.mkiobservatory.org.uk/planweb2/mkc_photographs/mkpopPyramid.htmlTo view the pyramid, you will need to have SVG Viewer (a free piece of software) downloaded to your computer.

The interactive population pyramid runs through the projected demographic change in Milton Keynes between 2001-2026. Based on data from the MKC 2013/14 Population Projections. SVG technology enables the pyramid to be interactive enabling you to select years, animate the pyramid and provides more information on the numbers behind the pyramid. Click on the link below to try the interactive population pyramid:

Interactive Population Pyramid

The data in the population pyramid is from the Population Bulletin 2013/14 published on the 28/11/13 Population Projections. If you wish to adapt the pyramid for your own use feel free to contact webmaster@mkiobservatory.org.uk or view the ONS website.

The pyramid is based on the SVG Population Pyramid template produced by the Office for National Statistics. A similar pyramid for the national picture for can also be viewed by clicking on the link: ONS Interactive Content


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